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Die Schule der Mitte, Gastro- und Neurogastroenterologie, Li Gao: Pi Wei Lun

2001-2 Kongressbericht

The 32nd International TCM Congress in Rothenburg o. d. T., Germany

The wider the choice, the greater the trouble could have been the motto of the 32nd edition of the yearly congress of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Klassische Akupunktur und Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin e. V. Excellent speakers and a really impressive variety of talks and workshops did not fail to get a multiple response: 670 participants from Europe, USA and Asia, as the congress chairman, Gerd Ohmstede, was delighted to confirm. If you have never been to Rothenburg it is worth to mention that the charming mediaval atmosphere and beautiful surroundings create a unique site to study and share experiences with renowned especialists in TCM. As the traffic is nearly banned from the centre of the town (surrounded by a magnificent rampart) it is nice to have a look around in the afternoon and come together with friends and new collegues in the nice wine restaurants and beer gardens. Most of the 80 workshops and presentations dealt with the main topics “TCM therapies for children” and “Toxic Heat”. Apart from the 18 lectures, 27 out of 59 workshops were held or translated in English by highly qualified interpreters whose efforts are worth to be mentioned. Following the tradition, the principal methods of TCM were all represented in Rothenburg: acupuncture, herbs, Tuina, dietetics and Qi Gong/Gong Fu. Not only the participants of Qi Gong/Gong Fu were happy with the organizers’ decision to integrate the Wildbad, a beautiful modernist building situated in the outer part of the town, into the congress’ facilities: the place seemed to be designed by a specialist in Feng Shui. Stephen Birch, Amsterdam, introduced the Shonishin method for treating children and dealt with the Japanese pain treatment strategies. Alex Tiberi, San Diego/USA, amused his public at his first lecture by improvising his speech on a classification system for small and adult patients based on the six meridian model.Later on he got back on the academical floor where he presented an integral conception of treatment and counselling for digestive disorders in children. Anette Koppang, Oslo/Norway, did not seem to bother about the last minute changes that put her on the way to Rothenburg in spite of Julian Scott who could not attend the meeting. She came to Rothenburg and gained her public with two interesting workshops with practical details on how to deal with sleeping disorders or protracted pediatric diseases. By the way, all speakers did agree on the excess of stimulation as an important etiological factor for pediatric diseases. Concerning the fact that toxic heat could be the origin of acute and chronic illness as well, Völker Scheid, Germany, conducted his students through the infectious diseases, while Barbara Kirschbaum, Hamburg/Germany, highlighted the diagnostic and treatment of some important chronic intestinal disorders, both focussing on the herbal medicine issue. Until the very last moment it was not sure if the participants would have the chance to meet Dr. Van Buren, East Grinstead/Enlgand, because of his delicate state of health. I am sure that that all his former students did not fail the date and shared his testimony of 50 years of personal experience with Chinese Medicine where he admonished his public to be cautious while practising Chinese Medicine, always keeping the knowledge at the highest level. During a special day dedicated to the activities of the NADA (National Acupunture Desintoxication Association), Dr. Michael O. Smith, New York/USA, talked about the program which has become a leading model for desintoxication of different types or drugs. The manual stimulation of the ear points Shenmen, Sympathetic, Liver, Lungs and Kidneys helps to reduce the psychical symptoms by giving the patient a major control of his emotions, a sense of relaxation, clearer mind and better concentration, and less desire to take drugs. Even with chronic alcoholics the programme is working quite well, and M.O. Smith pointed out that acupuncture seems to be the only therapy being successful with the desintoxication of crack, amphetamins and cocaine. As in former editions the organization sticked to their idea to follow the roots of Chinese Medicine, as a counterpart to modern techniques and subjects. Josef Müller, Germany, warned not to get trapped by the mechanistic thinking of occidental medicine, and better reintegrate the psychological dimension instead. Joan Duveen, Ankeveen, introduced the ancient theory of the stems and branches, while Heiner Frühauf, Portland/USA, convinced with his explication on the cosmology and symbolism of the classics. Peter Firebrace, London, transferred the fundamental principles of the Yi Jing to the diagnostic and pronostic in everyday practice. Lonny Jarrett, Stockbridge/USA, went straightforward to the essence of what Chinese medicine treatment from his point of view has to do with: teaching us some lessons instead of simply getting rid of the symptoms. The town hall was packed to capacitiy during the buffet-dinner party where everybody seems to remember that mouvement keeps the Qi in a healthy state and danced the night away By the time of leaving, the Rothenburg circle had certainly grown much bigger. The participants went back to their work with a highspirited mood and a lot of new information, with the preview of next year’s programme in their luggage. Pain therapy and Lin Syndromes will be the leitmotiv (7.- 12. May 2002), with special emphasis on TCM-orthopedics and external herbal treatment. Regarding the international speakers Prof. Zeng Yi Lin (Chengdu) expert in TCM-orthopedics, Tuina specialist Ken Rose (USA), Arya Nielsen (USA), Lilian Garnier (USA), Prof. Sun Pei Lin (Belgium), Julian Scott (France) are expected to come. Felice Dunace (USA) will talk about ancient medical sexual practices – a topic mostly excluded in our daily practice. Ineke van der Ham and Joan Duveen will represent the Netherlands with most interesting themes – see the website: with English site. Meanwhile Chairman G. Ohmstede and his team had already started to prepare the next congress. Mr. Ohmstede is wondering if a classical Chinese piece of theatre or classic Chinese music would make the delight of those who prefer to finish the buffet evening (Friday)in a more relaxed way. Whatever his decision will be, we will be glad to see us again in Rothenburg, next year!

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