Eine Veranstaltung des Fachverbands für Chinesische Medizin
54. TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2023
54. TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2023
54. TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2023
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Ba Zi - Chinesische Astrologie und 10 Persönlichkeitstypen EN

Analyse der energetischen DNS nach dem Geburtshoroskop

Dienstag, 16.05.2023
09:00-12:30, 15:00-18:00
  • Aufzeichnung bis 01.09. verfügbar
Wildbad - Rokokosaal
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"Treating the patient and not the disease" is obviously one of the first goals in the practice of Chinese medicine. The universe has its own laws and we as humans are subjected to these laws. Therefore, to keep our patients in balance and harmony we first need to become familiar with the laws.

The Ba Zi ("eight characters") is a branch of Chinese metaphysics that analyzes a person's birth chart. It is based on the theories of the yin & yang, five phases, heavenly stems and earthly branches.

Ancient Chinese philosophers and doctors discovered different cycles of time that can be divided in many ways. Segments of minutes, hours, days, months, years, 10 years, 12 years, 60 years and so on. So, every moment is a combination of different parallel cycles, same as the specific time we are born.

In each moment we are under the influence of big and small movements that affect our potential energy on our perspective to ourselves, to our surroundings, on our emotional and physical health, and on the tendency of how weak or strong we can be in different times and circumstances through our life.

Understanding the patients' constitutional energy helps us to know more about the origins of the symptoms, pathologies and diseases, and treating them more effectively with preventing the disharmonies. Understanding the personal map can help to identify conflicts, difficulties and ability to understand the basic potential of the person. The unique treatment according to the constitutional energy is personalized and exact with the best effect that treats the patient and not his disease.

By the understanding the 10 main personalities we can see certain influences as they grow through life. These can be related to health, wealth, career, status, education, relationships, spirituality, and a variety of other factors. When we see conflicts, we can help the patient to solve them with the proper treatment with acupuncture, herbs and recommendation to balanced lifestyle.

In this seminar, we will go deeply into the fundamentals of the Chinese astrology, the Ba Zi chart and the person's energetic DNA. We will understand the qualities of the ten main personalities, as well as their characteristics and abilities.

I invite you to begin the journey of getting to know yourself and your patients on a deeper level with this life-changing method.


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Wissenschaftlicher Beirat

Dr. Dr. Dominique Hertzer


Sieglinde Wilz, Ruthild Schulze


Nora Giese, Ursula Ritz, Christophe Mohr


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Birte Hinz


Christiane Tetling

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Michael Plötz, Sabine Goldmann


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