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Beschäftigung mit dem Qi EN

Eine Reise in die Palpation

Donnerstag, 26.05.2022
09:00-12:30, 15:00-18:30
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    This one-day course will be an introduction to Engaging Vitality. Engaging Vitality is an approach to acupuncture developed by Dan Bensky, Charles Chace and Marguerite Dinkins. It is based on bridging Osteopathic palpatory techniques with East Asian Medicine. Engaging Vitality is an approach which puts palpatory awareness at its centre of clinical practice.
    In Engaging Vitality we teach a wide array of palpatory techniques. These help us to directly engage with the qi of the patient. They inform us about different aspects of qi and the fluids.
    We can also learn to feel the condition of primary and extraordinary channels, organs and the cranial cavity.
    Instead of following protocols, the practitioner learns to discover the inherent treatment plan of the patient. In other words the patient’s body will tell you what is going on and what you can do and whether your strategy is effective or needs amendment.

    Course details

    This class is an introduction to some palpatory techniques of Engaging Vitality. It is directed to students who have received basic acupuncture training. Basic knowledge of acupuncture channels and points and the basic theories of East Asian Medicine is required.

    In this course you will learn how:

    · to feel the Qi Signal Assessment, a great way to estimate the condition and circulation of Qi in the three Jiao’s. This technique will also enable you to find active acupuncture points.

    · to feel the Shape of the Qi. A technique that will enable you to estimate the general condition of the Qi, in a way similar to the pulse but even more direct and often more clear and nuanced.

    · to needle more effectively. By using the previous mentioned Shape of the Qi you will be able to monitor the reaction of the Qi during the needling.

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    Thementag TCM-Forschung

    Prof. Dr. Florian Beißner (DE), Velia Wortman (DE)EN
      Freitag, 27.05.2022
      10:00-13:30, 15:00-18:30
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      Call for Posters

      Einladung zur Einreichung wissenschaftlicher Poster für den 53. TCM Kongress Rothenburg.

      Um der Breite wissenschaftlicher Ansätze besser gerecht zu werden, möchten wir Forschende aller Fachrichtungen, die auf dem Gebiet der TCM arbeiten, herzlich einladen, ihre Ergebnisse beim kommenden Thementag TCM-Forschung (27.05.2022) in Form eines wissenschaftlichen Posters der Öffentlichkeit vorzustellen.

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