54. TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2023
54. TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2023
54. TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2023
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Das Systemmodell von Dr. Shen und die 6 Konformationen/Liu Jing EN

Freitag, 27.05.2022
10:00-13:30, 15:00-18:30
  • Aufzeichnung bis 01.09. verfügbar
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Dr. John F. Shen (Meng He lineage) developed what is referred to as Dr. Shen’s System Model. This System Model basically is about the 6 Channels/Liu Jing. And it is all reflected in the pulse.

But who is Dr. Shen ??
Most of us has had exposure to textbooks by Giovanni Maciocia, and Giovanni very often gave reference to Dr. Shen… and Giovanni’s book on Tongue Diagnosis is based on seminars with Dr. Shen. So maybe without knowing this we have all benefitted from the knowledge of Dr. Shen. Dr. Shen was famous for his diagnostic skills, not at least his pulse diagnosis. Dr. Leon Hammer gathered much of this knowledge into a teachable system, that is now called Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis, in Europe most often referred to as the Shen-Hammer Pulse System.

The Shen-Hammer Pulse System is special in many ways – and to be honest complicated, but it is also very structured, and we palpate what we call the Entire Pulse – so we use 3 fingers as one unit and place it on the radial artery and ‘listen’ to the entire length of the artery, oppose to only feeling the 3 individual positions each side one by one. This gives information about the entire organism – big things are big! From the entire pulse we can get the big picture, and this is where Dr. Shen’s System model come in very handy. Dr. Shen suggested how to approach and treat each system with acupuncture. I’m the first practitioner, who has taken the next step, and have tested it in clinic. This really brings a new light to the formulation of acupuncture treatments directly from the pulse. I have over the last 7 years worked intensively with this approach and have presented it at mentorship classes at Natural College of Natural Medicine, Portland, Oregon, at seminars at Dragon Rises College, Gainesville, Florida, at Chiway Academy, Winterthur, Switzerland and at several Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis seminars around Europe and Denmark.

In this class we will start with a discussion of the Liu Qi/6 Qi from Heaven, the Physiology of the Liu Jing and how the Liu Jing generates life on Earth (Su Wen 5). Then we will move on and compare the 6 Channels with the System Model and discuss a number of treatment options formulated directly from the pulse. Its basically about Time-Space-Motion, so we trace the movement of the life force through our organism over time – then we can figure out where we are not synchronized with the universal movements – and correct it

A little teaser to trigger your curiosity:
The entire pulse on the right side is about taking in Life Force and pivot it into position to become our Ministerial Fire. Our potential is reflected on the entire left side – so now we express life back up and out.

Dr. Shen referred to the pulse on entire right side as the Digestive System - Yangming, and the entire left side as the Organ System – mainly Shaoyin. This is a basic Yin-Yang balance in our organism that is reflected directly on the wrist. Our organisms ability to pivot incoming life force into position is Shaoyang function, our ability to express life back up and out is Jueyin and Taiyang physiology.

Please come and join me in the exploration of these fascinating concepts – and bring it into your clinic the following week.


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