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Gynäkologie und Andrologie, Fu Qing-zhu: Gynäkologie aus der frühen Qing-Dynastie

(Abgesagt) Gesichtsdiagnose

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Kurse zum Kongressthema Gynäkologie
Donnerstag, 30.05.2019
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There are numerous signs on the face that can be used by practitioners to assist their patients with fertility problems. These reproductive health signs can be used to understand what treatments will increase fertility in both men and women. They can also be used to monitor the results of those treatments. Participants will be taught how to recognize the diagnostic colors in specific areas of the face that are signs of hormonal imbalance; actual physiological problem; or psych-spiritual blockages that can prevent conception. They will learn the signs of conception, the warning signs for miscarriage or early delivery. and the signs of a healthy pregnancy. In addition, they will be taught to recognize the representation of the pelvic structure, which is useful for birth preparation. These facial signs of fertility can be applied immediately to clinical practice.

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