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Die Schule der Mitte, Gastro- und Neurogastroenterologie, Li Gao: Pi Wei Lun

Sicherheit in der Behandlung von Schwangerschaftsproblemen

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Akupunktur Arzneimitteltherapie Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen
Mittwoch, 29.05.2019
Ist theorieorientiert

Despite a public and medical perception that acupuncture offers a drug free alternative for nausea, many acupuncturists remain concerned about the safety of providing treatment in early pregnancy. Similarly, although physiotherapy research recommends acupuncture for pregnancy related back and pelvic pain, many acupuncturists also express concerns about the safety of threating this in pregnancy. It is known that midwives and physiotherapists are using acupuncture after undertaking short courses, it may be that acupuncturists concerns are limiting practice and a missed opportunity for to promote our profession.
Debra and Sarah have been involved in setting up and delivering acupuncture through hospital outpatient clinics where pregnancy nausea and low back and pelvic pain were amongst the most common reasons for women presenting.  With Sarah’s clinic running for over 20 years in the UK and Debra’s clinic in New Zealand for over ten years, their data collection presents reassuring information about the safety of providing treatment to 1000’s of women. Debra and Sarah will share their treatment approaches and experiences of managing these common complaints in pregnancy. This will include important safety issues, dealing with adverse events and how to promote and advertise acupuncture as a treatment option.  Debra will also share her PhD research on treatment of threatened miscarriage which found acupuncture provided statistically significant differences for threatened miscarriage symptoms including bleeding, cramping, back pain and anxiety.
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