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Die Schule der Mitte, Gastro- und Neurogastroenterologie, Li Gao: Pi Wei Lun

Akupunkturpunkte, Meridiane und Qi: Brauchen wir neue Wissenschaft um Chinesische Medizin zu verstehen?

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Freitag, 31.05.2019
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Do we need new science to understand Chinese Medicine? This question has the potential to spawn vigorous debate among scientists and practitioners investigating concepts such as acupoints, meridians and Qi. The controversy is understandable, as neither Chinese nor Western researchers have succeeded in finding a clear anatomical correlate of acupoints and meridians in almost five decades of research. Furthermore, Qi remains one of the most elusive entities and cannot be scientifically measured to the present day. Could this mean that the current state of scientific development is not sufficient to properly understand these phenomena? Or are practitioners simply fooling themselves, when they believe in them?
In this talk, I will review the evidence for the hypothesis that modern neuroscience and its neighbouring disciplines have everything needed to explain the majority of concepts and phenomena that we encounter in Chinese Medicine. For this to work, however, the concepts of acupoints, meridians and Qi need to be understood within their historical context. While this means that some long-held beliefs, such as microscopic acupoints, meridians with zigzag patterns or qi as a life energy are untenable, in the end all sides will benefit from a scientific explanation of Chinese medical concepts.

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