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Gynäkologie und Andrologie, Fu Qing-zhu: Gynäkologie aus der frühen Qing-Dynastie

Abgesagt! Aurikulare Ursachendiagnostik: Herangehensweise zur Behandlung akuter und chronischer Erkrankungen des Bewegungsapparats

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Success of any medical treatment including acupuncture, depends on understanding the true origin of symptom development. The aim of Auricular Causative Diagnosis (ACD), based on visualization and analysis of the pathologic visual marks in Auricular Points (APs), is to determine the inner causes underlying the development of pathologic conditions in order to treat the real root and not only the symptom. ACD can be used to anticipate and reveal developing pathologic processes before their clinical manifestation and therefore prevent illnesses.
The aim of this research is to show correlations between organ pathologies and their corresponding APs and to improve understanding of the successes and failures in results when using ACD.
This long-term study (ongoing since 1985) has included >10,000 cases, with patients of different ages and different pathologies. In the preliminary trials, measurements of Electric Skin Resistance Test (ESRT) were performed in main APs and compared between healthy individuals at different ages and patients with well-known pathologies. A statistically significant fall of the ESRT was found in the specific APs associated with diseased organs. We found a perfect correlation between the lower ESRT in a specific AP corresponding to the diseased organs and the appeareance of the Visual Ear Skin Mark (VESM) in this APs. Photographs were taken of the ears of all study patients to find the VESMs.
Results: Stimulation of a Causative Auricular Point tremendously increased therapeutic success, led to im- mediate relief of pathologic symptoms, helped recover organ functions, and helped prevent illnesses.
Conclusions: Given that different causes can be at the origin of identical symptoms, discovery of true inner problems through ACD, helps physicians treat the roots of pathologies, not only the symptoms, and improves the efficiency of the treatments.

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