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Nur live – Li Dong Yuan: Mehr als nur Milz und Magen

Kurse zum Kongressthema Li Gao: Pi Wei Lun
Arzneimitteltherapie Klassiker/Philosophie
Mittwoch, 20.05.2020
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Li Dong-Yuan has been known as the founder of the Earth School of Chinese medicine. His Treatise on the Spleen and Stomach is his most famous work. Yet, Master Li is quite misunderstood as focusing on the digestion as the source of all manner of illness. In this course, Sharon will show that Li Dong-Yuan offers a comprehensive view of physiology, pathology and treatment and that this is rooted in the Neijing. To put him in a category that limits his work to treating the digestion is an unfortunate error as he offers us unique views into many key concepts on Chinese medicine. Master Li’s foundation for understanding is as a person standing on the middle earth. From this view point, he sees the ascending and descending movement of the elements and their associated organs in the surrounding four directions. Therefore, just as in the universe, the earth is the center around and in which transformations occur, the earth is his vantage point from which he understands the functioning of the whole body.

Perhaps the most important contribution of Master Li is his understanding of ministerial fire, both physiologically and pathologically and his ability to treat its disharmony. Sharon will show that the ministerial fire, according to Li Dong-Yuan, is none other than the life force itself and so it’s position and strength is key to understanding the promotion of life and prevention of illness.

In this full day course, Sharon will have you leave with the following:

• An understanding of some of Master Li’s key formulas for immediate use in your clinical work

• A chance to take on Master Li’s vantage point as a place to view physiology, pathology and treatment of illness in a comprehensive way

• An understanding of Master Li’s work in the context of the Neijing and Shang Han Za Bing Lun.

Sharon’s hope is that student will leave this course with insight and enthusiasm that will be immediately applicable to their practices.

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