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Yin Yang und die Vier Typen

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Dienstag, 19.05.2020
10:00-13:30, 15:00-18:30
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Yin Yang & The Four Types
Food as medicine
by Peter Torssell

It is time to popularize Chinese medicine. This system is a way of presenting the fundamental theories of the classical Chinese thinking and how to apply them in our daily lives. ”Yin yang & The Four types” is simple enough to understand for laypersons to make Chinese medicine mainstream knowledge. The diagnosis is based on observation and questions and will mainly be explained in terms of qi and yin yang.

It could be argued that food is historically the worlds most important medicine, and therefore the most important contributor to chronic health problems and diseases. Let the modern meet the traditional, and the West meet the East in a rational system that could be applied to any culture. ”Yin yang & the Four Types” is the simplest way to understand what to eat, how much and how often for health.

”Any practitioner of medicine must first thoroughly understand the source of disease and know what has been violated, then, use food to treat it, and if food will not cure it, afterwards apply drugs” Sun Simiao (the god of medicinals)

The emphasis Li Gao put on the center, the Spleen and Stomach, which actually has colored Chinese medicine ever since its origin is in modern times even more important to take into account due to our changes in living conditions and dietary habits. We can use Classical Chinese medicine to systematize and understand the complexities of health, diseases, the impact of food choice and all different diets and to put scientific knowledge in a CM-perspective and therefore convert it into understanding what to change in a persons daily life.
The classical ideas of Qi and Yin Yang are used in CM but the simplest way to individualize the advices and treatments clinically will be to express them as four possibilities. As Li Gao puts it:

”Those who do not know the mechanism of upward and downward, outward and inward movements are lucky if they ever achieve a curing effect” Pi Wei Lun

How to do this regarding eating habits and food choice will be presented in my lecture on ”Yin yang & Four types”. With the idea that every time you eat or choose not to eat you medicate yourself, I want to show that ordinary food items and daily life could be used as possibly that most effective medicine.

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