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Syndrome der Verdauungsorgane; Verdauungsstörungen und die Emotionen

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Arzneimitteltherapie Diagnostik Akupunktur
Donnerstag, 21.05.2020
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Thorough understanding the Chinese syndromes of the Spleen, Stomach, and Intestines is essential to treatment of digestive disorders. Jeremy will describe selected organ syndromes, and for each one will discuss details of differentiation and treatment.

Principles of treatment
What is unique about Jeremy's system is that for each organ syndrome, he shows how it develops from originating syndromes, and how it progresses to resulting syndromes.
This is important, because principles of treatment for an individual patient often include not only treating the main syndrome, but also treating relevant originating and resulting syndromes.
For example, when treating Spleen Deficient Qi, it may also be necessary to:
• tonify Kidney Qi
• tonify Lung Qi
• tonify Heart Qi
• stabilize Heart Qi
• regulate Liver Qi
• transform Damp
• clear Lung Phlegm

Jeremy discusses treatment with:
• Western single herbs
• Western herb combinations
• Chinese herbs
• Chinese herb combinations
• acupuncture points

Jeremy's acupuncture combinations are summarized in his book Acupuncture Point Combinations (1995), and his Western herb combinations in Rezepturen (2013).

What's special about this seminar: Jeremy will present his new system of Integrative Chinese Medicine, that is based on his concepts of the 4 Imbalances and Differential Questions.
His lectures are unique because they are systematic and well-organized but also entertaining, due to his well-developed sense of humour.
Also, Jeremy is very practical and believes in learning by doing, so that you can use these concepts and treatments immediately in your clinical practice.

Jeremy Ross: For 25 years, Jeremy Ross has specialized on the integration of Western Herbs, Chinese Medicine, and Phytopharmacology. He is the international leader in this field, and the author of three textbooks on this topic.
His forthcoming foundation text on Integrative Chinese Medicine focuses on differentiation and treatment of the organ syndromes of Chinese medicine with Western herbs, Chinese herbs, and Acupuncture.

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