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Die Schule der Mitte, Gastro- und Neurogastroenterologie, Li Gao: Pi Wei Lun

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Kurse zu allgemeinen Themen
Dienstag, 19.05.2020
09:00-12:30, 15:00-18:30
alle Erfahrungsstufen
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Morning session - Presentation & demonstration
Afternoon session - Practical workshop

PERCEPTION: Scar tissue destroys the integrity of the Jing Luo [meridians]. This disruption to the flow
of Ki/Qi has immediate effects to the overall physical/mental health of the individual. Over time this disruption is exacerbated.

SUPPOSITION: The body functions react adversely from scar tissue. Understanding the implications of cellular memory, subsequent surgical interventions will heighten levels of fibrous lesions, and this promotes a confused structure, consequently adversely affecting an individual's quality of life. Scar Tissue across the abdomen will affect the descending flow of Stomach Qi.

HYPOTHESIS: By using the 3rd of the 9 Classical needles, a non-insertive technique employing Qi Gong procedures we can restore the natural structure of the mesentery layers over the abdomen. This allows the flow of Ki to be restored to normality, as it was prior to the surgical procedure.

PREAMBLE: Many practitioners are limited to using the filiform needle in their acupuncture "tool kit". For treating scars their knowledge is restricted to "Encircle the Dragon " from their college training days. You have heard of the "9 Classical Needles", but no further knowledge was offered. Here is your opportunity to gain the skill and awareness of the 3rd of the 9 classical needles for exclusively and effectively treating scar tissue with no painful insertion.

Is there any credence of the Jing Luo being more powerful than the CNS? Lets us destroy the myth of the CNS being a part of acupuncture treatment - it is time to acknowledge the power of the Jing Luo over the CNS. You will witness a demonstration of the movement of Ki/Qi that will amaze and encourage debate for a classical converse theory which we have previously been forced to accept from our usual western perceptions. This is your chance to gain an extra tool to create a best practice protocol which will improve clinical results.

PRACTICAL: Invoking the perception of "Ki Performance Indicators - (K.P.I.'s)", the participants will be able to monitor and observe the following signs at the site of scars:

. colour variation predominately dark or light (not skin tone)
. temperature of the scar and its peripheries
. skin texture and superficial structure - excess/deficient
. Patient's feedback of tactile sensations - including pain, numbness

GOAL: To broaden awareness and knowledge to the acupuncture community that an efficacious alternate technique can be offered to patients suffering with debilitating effects of surgery related adhesions. Rapid, tangible, safe and long-term results are achievable without further invasive surgery.

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