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Jingbu Shoubi Tong: Arm- und Nackenschmerzen mit Nerveneinklemmung

Kurse zu allgemeinen Themen
Freitag, 22.05.2020
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Referred pain is a common patient complaint that an acupuncturist will see. One of the most challenging aspects of a clinician’s work is to accurately determine the primary injury causing the patients neck, shoulder and arm pain. In order to achieve the best treatment results for patient rehabilitation, it is essential for the practitioner to obtain an accurate diagnosis.
Orthopedic evaluations, manual muscle testing and anatomical knowledge is imperative in helping the practitioner to determine the source of the patient’s radicular or non-radicular pain. This seminar will help the practitioner to identify, diagnose and treat radicular and other sources of paresthesia pain patterns. Myofascial (jingjin) channels and postural imbalances will be assessed through the lens of excess (shi) and deficient (xu) signs and symptoms. This information leads to successful treatment plan, which supports proper needle technique and unique treatment protocols. These protocols include acupuncture to motor, trigger and traditional points to not only treat the injury but to treat the patient with the injury. The acupuncturist in this seminar will learn assessment and treatment techniques that will help get the patient get out of neck, shoulder and arm pain for long-lasting results.

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