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Samstag, 28.05.2022
10:00-13:30, 15:00-18:30
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Patients continue to suffer from chronic pain and disability from the residual impact of scar tissue formation, long after the initial trauma or surgery. While Western medicine can be effective in addressing acute trauma, there are few noninvasive treatments for the long-term effects of scars.

Research indicates that acupuncture increases circulation, regenerates nerves and tissues, lessens physical and emotional pain, and breaks up adhesions that pull on the organs and meridians. In this seminar, participants will learn how to recognize, palpate and treat different types of scars, e.g., burns, stretch marks, acne scars, vaccination sites, facelift, hysterectomy, Caesarean section, heart surgery, etc.

They will also be introduced to:

• the physiological factors that affect healing
• the side effects of adhesions
• topical scar applications
• protocols for internal and external scarring
• how trauma and injury impact the emotions, and lodge in patients’ cellular memory

Scar photos and treatment demonstrations will be provided in the slideshow.


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Wissenschaftlicher Beirat

Dr. Dr. Dominique Hertzer


Sieglinde Wilz, Ruthild Schulze


Nora Giese, Ursula Ritz, Christophe Mohr


Susanne Lindenthal, Antje Styskal

Qi Gong

Michael Plötz, Sabine Goldmann

Westliche Kräuter

Birte Hinz


Christiane Tetling


Velia Wortman


Ina Horn


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