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Guy Polak (IL)

Guy Polak – 2013-2018 Chairman of the Israeli Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

2006-2017 Head of Chinese Medicine at The Integrative Medicine Department, Assaf Ha rofeh Medical Center.

Certified by Dr. Richard Tan in the Balance Method and bearer of his Gold Certificate. World leader for Integrated Chinese medicine and western medical.

Together with Adi Fromm, Guy recently published »The Book of Balance Method«.

Guy is the coauthor of a study on the effects of acupuncture on the treatment of acute back and neck pain in the Emergency Room at Assaf Ha rofeh.

He also directs retrospective studies and researches within the orthopedic department, with an emphasis on the effects of Balance Method acupuncture on orthopedic patients during hospitalization.

Guy was born in 1977, lives in Tel Aviv, is married to Noa and is the father of Harel and Tomer.

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