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Seung Min Lee (KR)

Seung Min Kathy Lee went to Korea to study East Asian Medicine, obtained her medical license to practice Korean Medicine, and went on to become a licensed specialist in Acupuncture and Moxibustion. She is currently working as a clinician and also a Research Professor at Pusan National University.

Her clinical expertise and research focus on investigating ways to integrate Korean medicine, especially Saam Acupuncture, alongside modern healthcare. She emphasizes that Saam Acupuncture is a strong tool to not only treat but also to prevent possible imbalances in the meridians and organs. She has co-authored a chapter in the book entitled Integrative Weight Management – A Guide for Clinicians, has worked as an on-site medical advisor for several international events and is actively involved in providing lectures on Saam Acupuncture worldwide.

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