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Gynäkologie und Andrologie, Fu Qing-zhu: Gynäkologie aus der frühen Qing-Dynastie

Manfred Kubny (DE)

Dr. Manfred Kubny (born 1959) is sinologist and medical historian.

1988 M.A. at Ludwigs-Maximillians University Munich.

1993 Complementary training and diploma: Health promotion SKA.

1994 Ph.D. at Ludwigs-Maximillians University Munich in Sinology

2010 Diploma of Music Therapy at the Univ of Hamburg & H. v. Karajan Foundation

2017 M.A. at Viadrina European University in Cultural Sciences and Complementary Medicine

His main interest is focused on traditional Chinese Life Sciences, like TCM, Daoist longevity techniques, an related field. Since 1989 he is investigating the system for human personality diagnosis Bazi Suanming „The Fate Calculation by the eight Characters.”

He translated the important Bazi calssic Di Tian Sui Chan Wei “Finest Explanations to the leaking Essence of Heaven” and analyzed its structure, theory and content. He will publish a German and a English version of the translation of the very book in 2018.

His research is supported by the Host Görtz Stiftung.

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