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Rimke van der Veen (NL)

Rimke van der Veen

Highly interested in the body as "a third party" in my clinic in The Netherlands, I started working with Jason Robertson in 2012.
Since my first training with Jason, several courses with Dr. Wang, Jason Robertson and other apprentices of Dr. Wang’s followed. Each of those courses motivated me even more to dig deeper into relational thinking and a more systemic approach of my clients and their complaints.
Channel theory and channel palpation soon became the base of my work with people.
In 2017 I decided to learn more about pulse diagnosis as well. I got introduced to CCPD (Shen-Hammer) by Sybill Huessen. Again I was amazed; apparently there are a lot of similarities and relations in pulse qualities and channel changes.
Still, everyday, I am impressed by the amount of information a body can give without even using words. That same body even helps us to open up
conversations we might never have started if the body had not indicated the necessity of them, with stunning results….
It thus creates a winning situation for everybody involved.


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