54th TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2023
54th TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2023
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Do you have additional questions about the TCM Kongress Rothenburg?

Here we have compiled the most frequently asked questions for you and provide you with answers.

If there are still any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us. You will find all the contact details of our congress organisation under this link.

You are also welcome to ask a question on our Facebook page, which we will answer there if possible.

General questions (programme, certification, wishlist, etc.)

Participants in the TCM Kongress Rothenburg will receive a general confirmation of participation automatically by e-mail approx. 1 week after the congress.

If you are a member of the AGTCM, your AGTCM continuous professional education points will be credited automatically.

For credits for alternative practitioners of the BDH (Bund Deutscher Heilpraktiker), please request your certificate after the congress by e-mail (teilnehmer(at)tcm-kongress.de) from event lab. GmbH.

Get an overview of the certifications for continuous professional education credits:

Confirmed certifications:

  • ABORM - American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine
  • ACI - Acupuncture Council of Ireland (7 points per day)
  • AGTCM - Fachverband für Chinesische Medizin
  • ASA - Assoziation Schweizer Arbeitsgesellschaften
  • BDH - Bund Deutscher Heilpraktiker
  • EMR - ErfahrungsMedizinisches Register
  • EUFOM - Belgische Beroepsfederatie van Acupuncturisten
  • FH - Freie Heilpraktiker e.V. 
  • FNMTC - Fédération Nationale de Médicine Traditionelle Chinoise
  • HSCM - Hellenic Society of Chinese Medicine
  • IRCHM - Irish Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • NVA/Niederlande - Nederlandse Vereniging voor Acupunctuur
  • NVTCG Zhong - Dutch Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • O.T.T.O. - Italian tuina-qigong and oriental techniques practitioners
  • PTTMC - Polish Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • TCM Fachverband Schweiz - (formerly SBO TCM) (Certification number 22165, group 1)

Certifications applied for:

  • NNH - The Norwegian Association of Natural Medicine
  • PA - Association of Acupuncture Practitioners

In your personal wishlist you can compile a list of the courses that are most interesting to keep a better overview.

To do so, click on "Add to wishlist" or click the heart symbol. You will find these buttons in every yellow course box in the programme.

If you create a user account for the wishlist, the courses will be saved permanently. On your next visit, you can call up your saved list again and continue editing, adding or removing courses -from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Of course, it is free of charge for you and saving the courses is completely non-binding.
Without a user account, the courses will only be saved locally on your computer, provided you allow cookies.

Please note: Lectures in the congress planner are your personal wishlist. A reservation for courses will only happen through the booking process in the next step.

Very convenient - the courses are listed according to days. This makes it easy for you to pick out the most interesting courses from the large and sometimes overwhelming selection.

You do not have any login data yet? Please click on this link to create a new account.

Have fun browsing!


Generally, we endeavour to obtain information on the types of treatment from the speakers as early as possible.

You will find the most detailed information about your course in our programme. Each speaker should have provided the following information there:

  • Types of treatment (acupuncture, drug therapy, Tuina, etc.)
  • Practical experience (all levels of experience, beginner or advanced)

Both on the web programme and in the printed programme book, you will find a note for each course stating in which language it will be held and into which target language it will be translated.

Congress opening EN [DE]
This means that the opening will be held in English [EN] and translated into German [DE].

You can watch recordings of some of the lectures, courses and seminars of the booked day as a video after the Congress. The recordings are available to you free of charge until 1 September of the current congress year as part of your paid congress registration. This gives you the chance to watch more courses and learn even more from the congress contents.
A great advantage for all participants of the TCM Kongress Rothenburg.

After 1 September, some of the recordings will be available for purchase.

You can see which courses will be recorded by the camera symbol in the programme.



Yes, there will be an exhibition with great discounts for participants at the online congresses.
We will also offer digital meeting rooms and consultation hours with the exhibitors.

Questions about registration

The AGTCM is the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Klassische Akupunktur und Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin" (Association for Classical Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine).
Click here to go to the AGTCM website, where you will find interesting information for therapists and patients.

Membership in the AGTCM costs 200 Euros per year. If you are not yet a member, you can save up to 300 euros by booking a 5-day ticket, which is considerably more than the annual fee.

But even if you are already a member of another association, AGTCM membership is worthwhile.

If you only do one further training at one of the AGTCM cooperation schools, for which you pay reduced fees as an AGTCM member, you would have already saved more than the annual membership fee.
Click here to go to the information page about the cooperation schools with contact details and an overview of where the schools are located. The schools are located in all directions of Germany, often close to the border and therefore also interesting for therapists from our neighbouring countries.
The AGTCM cooperation schools offer the highest quality standards in TCM training, many of the international lecturers who also hold courses at the TCM Kongress Rothenburg teach at these schools.

Further advantages:

The AGTCM offers its members:

  • Representation of their professional interests in public, professional world and politics.
  • The opportunity to actively participate in shaping the politics of the association and the profession.
  • Legal advice on TCM-related questions in the respective profession.
  • Billing advice on questions about fees for non-medical practitioners.
  • Reduced fees for participation in the annual TCM Kongress Rothenburg.
  • Connection to international professional organisations such as the ETCMA and the WFAS in the TCM network through the membership of the AGTCM e. V.
  • Discounted participation in training and further education events of AGTCM cooperation schools.
  • Discounted participation in study trips to the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China.
  • Free participation in regional quality circles.
  • The purchase of information material on TCM and practice management at cost price.
  • Free subscription to the professional journal "Qi" published by "VSM Verlag".
  • Professional and political information through newsletters.
  • Communication platforms via regional representatives, quality circles and forums on our website.
  • The cost-effective creation and management of a website in our therapist web project.
  • Naming of all AGTCM members on a therapist recommendation list on the internet.
  • Maintenance of an internal credit system to document the continuing education of our members.
  • Discount on the AGTCM annual subscription to the video media library of naturmed-tv. For more information, please click here.

Have a look at the AGTCM website and read about the many advantages. You will also find all the registration documents there.


We have several cooperations with the societies that are members of ETCMA. As a member of one of these societies you will receive a special discount on the registration fee.

To find out if your society is a member of the umbrella organisation ETCMA, click here:

By the way, an additional membership in the AGTCM is also worthwhile for you. If you only take one further training course at one of our AGTCM cooperation schools, for which you pay reduced prices as an AGTCM member, then you have already saved more than the annual membership fee in most cases.
For more information, see the FAQ item "I read the ticket price for AGTCM members is the cheapest. What is the AGTCM, what are the other benefits of a membership and what are the costs?".

You can find an overview of the prices and conditions on our homepage.

Cancellations must be submitted in writing to event lab. GmbH.
Cancellations are free of charge until 8 March of the current congress year.

Please note that cancellations received betwenn 8 March and 8 April of the current congress year will be subject to a processing fee of 50% of the participation and social programme fees. Full participation fees will be charged for cancellations after 8 April.

However, for a processing fee of 15.00 Euros, the registration can be transferred to another person at any time. 

Questions on the online congress

To watch the live stream broadcasting, you need to have the video conference tool Zoom. The installation on your computer or mobile device is very easy.

We recommend that you download the programme or app (depending on the device used) before the start of the congress so that you can start streaming without any problems or waiting time. Please always log in with your full first and last name when joining a zoom course.

Here is the download link: https://zoom.us/download

If you already have an account with Net of Knowledge, you can log in here. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here

At the beginning of May, we will automatically create an account for all registered participants who do not yet have an account at Net of Knowledge. You will then receive a registration link from Net of Knowledge before the congress.

To access the courses on the congress days, you will have to log in with your account and will always have an overview of the days you have booked.

Via Active Modules you can always see which courses are currently running and which will be running in the next few hours.

Please always log in with your full first and last name when accessing the Zoom course for an uncomplicated admission control.


If your login to Net of Knowledge doesn’t work please follow these steps:

(1) make sure that the email address is correct (same as you used for the registration)

(2) resend that welcome email: https://netofknowledge.com/Account/ResendWelcomeEmail

(3) Please check your Junk Mail if you haven’t received an E-Mail

if you have not received it
(4) add learning(at)netofknowledge.com to your safe-senders list and resend again

if you are logged in
(5) finish your profile and go to “My Events” and enter the TCM congress day you have booked

(6) If all this doesn’t work, please send us a different mail address (to support(at)tcm-kongress.de) you would like to use, that we can change that in the system and resend the login data.

We will open a helpdesk for the duration of the congress, where a person will always be available for questions and support during the course hours.

In addition, you are welcome to contact the hotline by phone +49 (0)341 22363428 or e-mail to support(at)tcm-kongress.de at any time.

You can also call the following numbers between 9 am - 7 pm (CET):
+49 (0)341 22363428 and +49 (0)202 60932784.

Have a look in our exhibition area during the break and find a lot of information and special offers of the exhibitors.

After the congress

Participants in the TCM Kongress Rothenburg will receive a general confirmation of participation automatically by e-mail approx. 1 week after the congress.

If you are a member of the AGTCM, your AGTCM  continuous professional education points will be credited automatically.

For credits for alternative practitioners of the BDH (Bund Deutscher Heilpraktiker), please request your certificate after the congress by e-mail (teilnehmer(at)tcm-kongress.de) from event lab. GmbH.

Get an overview of the certifications for continuous professional education credits here.

All participants in the TCM Kongress Rothenburg will receive access to the Net of Knowledge online congress platform to participate in the online courses during the congress.

Approximately 1-2 weeks after the congress, recordings of some of the courses will be available in the "Recordings" section.

We will work intensely to upload all videos of the TCM Kongress Rothenburg for you. As there are many courses over several days, this may take some time. We will send an email to all participants as soon as the videos are uploaded.

The recordings will be available for you to watch until 1 September of the current year. After that, some of the courses will be available for purchase through Net of Knowledge and other distribution partners.

Please note: Not all courses of the online congress will be available as recordings. We will inform you in time which courses can only be followed live.

Yes, some of the speakers will also offer their courses for sale this year after the congress.

You can buy them via the naturmed-AGTCM media library or Net of Knowledge and its sales partners.

See our media library here.

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