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Gynaecology and Andrology, Fu Qing-zhu: Gynaecology from the early Qing Dynasty

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Dear Colleagues,

the 49th TCM Kongress Rothenburg exited the participants this year again! Over 1000 visitors from 40 countries followed more than 150 lectures on various topics of chinese medicine.

Preview: Look forward to the 50th anniversary TCM Kongress Rothenburg from 28th May to 01st June 2019 with the main topics "Gynaecology and Andrology, Fu Qing-zhu: Gynaecology from the Early Qing Dynasty".
Click on this link to see the preview of the programme of TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2019

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Thereby, you’ll get the newest programme highlights at regular intervals and won’t miss the early-bird-special.

You will be informed first, when registration has started and you can secure a seat in plenty of time to attend the most popular courses.

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