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Together with our partners we can offer you more: more knowledge, more possibilities. Here you will find the most important information and dates, e.g. international congresses, training institutes for Chinese Medicine, professional journals and much more.

Congress dates

Here you will find future dates of the TCM Kongress Rothenburg and also of other international congresses on Chinese Medicine.

19. TAO Kongress 2022

19. TAO Kongress 2022

22.–24.09.2022 (Graz)

5th Dutch TCM Congress

5th Dutch TCM Congress

5–6 November 2022

AGTCM cooperation schools

These TCM training centres offer their students a professional and at the same time relaxed learning atmosphere.

TCM societies

Here you will find societies and associations which are active in fields of acupuncture, herbal therapy, TaiQi, QiGong and other fields of TCM.

Science, journals, expertise

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