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The Earth School, Gastro and Neurogastroenterology, Li Gao: Pi Wei Lun

Study of The Elegance and Beauty of Fu Qing Zhu’s Formulas

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Fu Qing-zhu: Gynaecology from the early Qing-Dynasty
Therapy Styles
Acupuncture Herbal Therapy Classics/Philosophy
Tuesday, 28th May 2019
09:00-12:30, 15:00-18:30
Wildbad - Kleiner Villensaal
Practical experience
Practical Orientation

Fu Qing Zhu, as a great TCM practitioner from early Qing Dynasty of China, not only his contributions to gynaecology in TCM, but also the elegance and beauty of his works and formulas, showed his respect and passion and heart for women. The strategies, the dosages and the details of preparation of each herb in his formulas are full of understandings of women’s diseases. The formulas are elegant, simple, sharp and very practical. But, unfortunately, the pulse and tongue diagnosis of CCM (Classical Chinese Medicine) and related CCM acupuncture treatments are somehow missing in his book.
In this lecture, the flowing aspects will be mainly involved:
1. The mechanisms of Fu Qing Zhu’s formulas in depth and modifications of the formulas for today’s clinical applications.
2. The missed CCM pulses and tongue diagnosis related to using Fu Qing Zhu’s herbal formulas for today’s women diseases.
3. The translated Ling Shu Jing Classical acupuncture, heavenly herbal moxibustion and navel therapy to Fu Qing Zhu’s herbal formulas for today’s women diseases treatments.
4. The related case studies in practices.
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