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In Search of the Pulse

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Tuesday, 28th May 2019
09:00-12:30, 15:00-18:30
Wildbad - Roter Salon
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“In Search of the Pulse: An Interactive Travel Guide”
Scott Tower, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. & Sybill Huessen, MSTCM
Many people think of the pulse as a strange land with no roadmaps. They know there is a lot of information there, but it is mostly mysterious.  We will introduce not just a map to look at to know where you are going, or what to expect, but rather a guide to interaction – how do we engage with the person via the pulse. This involves a  process of quieting ourselves, and becoming more present to another person so that they can reveal themselves more fully to us.
This is a journey for us as we explore and interact with the pulse, and one that reveals something of the patient’s journey – what can we understand about their path – where have they come from and what trajectory are they on – what are the signposts and even flavors of their journey?
What do patients have in their backpacks that has helped them navigate their lives so far?  How have they used what is in the backpack to arrive where they are at? How can they use these tools in the familiar or new ways moving forward?
Imagine someone has a multiple use Swiss Army knife and is only using the knife, unaware of the screw driver, cork screw etc.  Engaging with a patient via the pulse can expand their awareness of the versatility of the tools that they already have, facilitating their access to the resources and skills that are available. This can also look like utilizing familiar coping mechanisms in a different way than previously. 

We can assume the role of a travel guide walking alongside our patients, taking into account where they are coming from, where they would like to go toward, and which road might be the easiest and most scenic for them to choose. Part of the job of a good travel guide is to take into consideration both the skills and limitations of the traveler combined with knowledge of the terrain. Bearing in mind and in our heart what is available to the patient, the pulse can be an invaluable aid in portraying their resources and helping us engage in a dialogue.
This hands-on course will focus on developing palpatory skills as well as their clinical application.  Instead of focusing on what is missing or deficient, we will explore how our attention can be shifted to utilizing and transforming available resources. 

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