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The Earth School, Gastro and Neurogastroenterology, Li Gao: Pi Wei Lun

Windows of heaven

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Thursday, 30th May 2019
Wildbad - Hessingsaal
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“Windows of heaven”
Clinical use of the widows of heaven points.
Heaven (Tian 天) points are mentioned in Ling Shu, Chapter 21 (5 points)
Relating to the five regions of Heaven and chapter 2 the (10 points) which are now called the “windows of heaven”. These points are connected to the Divergent Channels which have a role in harmonizing interior/exterior and in balancing emotional load and conflicts.
A deeper understanding of these points gives us an insight into the inner alchemy and opens another level for clinical application of acupuncture. Applying treatments to the mental suffering, as well as, enhancing health and personal growth.
There is a close link between these points and the orifices of the head and face therefore by using them we can affect the perception and ability to see clearly, help in inner clarity and inner connection to the Shen.
some examples of their indications:
1 Rebellious qi Rebellious: shortness of breath (Lu-3), goiter (St-9)
2 Acute disorders related to orifices: for sudden deafness (Sj-16)
3 balance between the head and the body: headaches, dizziness, blood pressure.
4 The Shen and heaven: Connects a person to the celestial realm for guidance (heavenly realm).
This lecture will give an in depth understanding of heavenly points and their clinical usage.

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