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The Earth School, Gastro and Neurogastroenterology, Li Gao: Pi Wei Lun

Women's Lunch Lectures

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Thursday, 30th May 2019
Wildbad - Hessingsaal
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"Sexuality and Spirituality – The Secret and Sacred within Chinese Medicine"

Chinese Medicine, with its roots in Daoism, is from a spiritual tradition which embraces sexual desire and uses it within our bodies as a powerful source of healing and spiritual growth. The deep connection between body, mind and spirit is the true strength of our healing art and spiritual growth is the foundation for facing suffering in life with a sense of it all having a deeper meaning.

Join our Women’s Lunch Lecture and be deeply inspired woman to woman, with a few good men who are always welcome, as we share from our own journeys the secrets and sacred parts that we have learned along the way, both as practitioners, healers and on a personal level.

Let us in an open heart to heart connection embrace this transformational hour together and from a place of truth take one step further on our spiritual path. Awaken to spiritual growth to gain wisdom, insight and a valuable experience!

Felice Dunas:

“The role of orgasm in spiritual experience”  

Sexuality and spirituality have been linked in Chinese medicine since before the invention of acupuncture.  In this brief talk, Dr Dunas will discuss how heightened sexual arousal, produced by ancient, medical, sexual skills,  allows the animal within us to facilitate connection with our divine natures. 

Martine Cornelissen:

Healing the feminine and masculine within ourselves: reconnecting the Heart-Womb-Axis.

The Heart-Womb-connection as a transformational axis has already been described in early Chinese Alchemy. Also Fu Qing-zhu often mentioned the Baomai as a key connection in the healing of women.

In our search for spiritual growth we encounter parts in ourselves which need to be seen and healed. Our deepest passions, our true desires, our sexuality and our individuality, it’s simmering deep within us, waiting to be born into the world.

In this brief lecture Drs. Cornelissen will explain how integrating the male and female energies within ourselves will help us remember who we truly are, how it can heal the wound in women’s womb and open the Heart-Womb-axis, which will allow us to fully live from our Heart.
Heart-centered living means that we live according to our soul's calling and that we truly express our unique gifts!

Marian Nielsen Joos:

“Healing through Sacred Rituals and Shamanism”

Sacred rituals that are linked to shamanism are a very powerful healing tool and spiritually they bring us personal growth beyond our conscious mind. Shamanism is the root of Chinese Medicine and at its core is alchemical transformation. Let us align ourselves with the powerful spirit world and receive insights, messages and healing from the spirit guides. It will be my honour to open up the Sacred Healing Space and transformation will happen!

Awaken the shaman within you!

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