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The Earth School, Gastro and Neurogastroenterology, Li Gao: Pi Wei Lun

tong 通 and the Basics of Chinese Medicine

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Wednesday, 29th May 2019
Wildbad - Kurhaussaal
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Tong 通 is a fundamental concept of Chinese Medicine. Its broad range of meanings includes “passageable” and “connected” as well as the treatment strategies “opening up” and “promoting free flow”. In this class we will explore the meaning of tong in the context of the basics of Chinese Medicine. Beginning with questions like “what is life in terms of Chinese Medicine” or “what is Chinese Medicine about” we will elaborate the relevance of tong for physiology and pathology. We will relate tong to other important concepts like he (harmony) and tiao (regulated), and talk about the relation of the treatment strategy tong to the treatment strategies bu (tonify) and xie (drain). In connection with this we will have a look at the meanings of shi (excess) and xu (deficiency). We will address how an understanding of tong influences our self-conception as practitioners, and how it helps to avoid common misconceptions of Chinese medical concepts, which arise from western traditions of thought.

  • Hands-on with practical exercises
  • all levels
  • Advanced
  • Beginners
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal Therapy
  • Tuina/Massage
  • Qi Gong/Tai Ji
  • Dietetics
  • Diagnostics
  • Classics/Philosophy
  • Scientific Research
  • bookable
  • only a few places free
  • fully booked
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