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Pain Syndromes and Injuries of Lower Back and Knee Joint

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Thursday, 21st May 2020
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Statistically lower back pain is among the most frequent diseases of modern societies. And the knee joint is one of the joints of human locomotor system to be injured most frequently.

Meanwhile pain syndromes of lower spine limit daily activity a lot, risk of knee joint injuries is instability and that may lead to osteoarthritis and late stage loss of function of knee joint. Degenerative changes of spine and joints limit mobility/ activity and lower our life quality.

Lower back and knee joint: both anatomical regions are energetically connected and have kidney Qi as common root.
Karl Zippelius will first talk about some basic traditional principles of pathophysiology of locomotor system and train some functional examination of knee joint and spine.
He will then augment your knowledge about how to successfully treat trauma of lower back and knee joint during the three healing stages and how to deal with chronic pain syndromes. An integrative treatment combines internal and external application of chinese herbs with specific hand techniques, acupuncture and physical exercise.

During this half day workshop, Karl Zippelius will talk about the following diseases: 
Lumbalgia and Lumboischialgia
Sacroiliac joint syndrome
Osteoarthritis of knee and patella
Frequent knee injuries like cruciate ligament rupture, meniscus and lateral ligaments injuries

All proposed strategies can be easily integrated into your daily therapeutic work

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