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Only Live – The Central Relationship between Earth and Fertility in East Asian Herbal Medicine

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Wednesday, 20th May 2020
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"Many years ago, when I first began to fully let go of treating diseases, such as fertility, and decided to fully focus on classical formula patterns, I treated a woman whose main complaint was infertility.  She had no fertile mucous around ovulation.  Following only the pattern, I gave her Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang for a mixed hot and cold middle Jiao blockage.  As often happens when using classic formula diagnostic methods, I was delighted to see that her next ovulation had abundant fertile mucous.  She was also delighted and was pregnant soon thereafter."  

In this course, Sharon will discuss the physiology of classic formulas, as well as the formulas of Li Dong-Yuan.  If fertility relates to the kidneys, how then do the spleen and stomach relate to what happens in a woman’s womb?  For all of those who work with women who suffer from fertility issues, including habitual miscarriage, this course will add a very fresh perspective that will increase your ability to both see what is happening with these patients and to successfully treat it.  

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