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Marie-Lore Buidin (BE)

Marie-Lore Buidin (18-02-1958) physiotherapist and L.Ac studied acupuncture in Belgium at the Jing Ming acupuncture college (1999-2002) with internship in China (Nanjing). She also trained with Master Li Ruheng (Nanjing) in Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style and Tai Ji Jian.

She has specialized herself in treating cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease and psycho-emotional issues with acupuncture, in which she has more than 15 years of advanced knowledge and specific clinical experience.


Since 2012 she is teaching her own courses in Cardio-acupuncture, Emergency-acupuncture, Emotion and the Heart and Taoïstic approach of emotional problems in the Netherlands, Zürich, Boston, Hartford, Victoria Canada and Belgium.

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