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Ludmila Bendova (CZ)

Ludmila Bendova trained as internal medicine doctor under the comunist regime. After the fall of comunism in 1990 she and friends founded Czechoslovak Sinobiology Society (CSB) and 1.School of TCM educating both medical and nonmedical students in Chinese medicine in Prague. Working first with UEMC than Chuzhen in France and since 1998 with Chinese TCM universities in Beijing and Tianjin. She holds a Danke jieye zhen shu - Certificate of end of studies University Guangming China in both acupuncture and phytotherapy. Chinese professors come regularly to Prague 4 times per year and Czech students come for one month study sessions to Chinese hospitals every year. Due to isolation of the Czech Republic in the past there is a vast interest in many TCM subjects but not many western lecturers come. In case of interest feel welcome to contact. Although acupuncture existed in our country since 1920 it was always isolated and not respected very much which is slowly changing but we need help from outside.

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