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TCM Kongress Rothenburg

Ulla Blum (DE)

Own practice since 1986 - Acupuncture and body-psychotherapy (TCM)

After two years of traveling around the world as a member of the Theater of All Possibilities and comprehensive studies on non-linear thinking, a training as a naturopath and in core-energetics according to J. and E. Pierrakos, I study Chinese medicine since 1984. First teachers were J. Weber-Bluhm, C. Larre and E. Rochat de la Vallée. 1988 I learned Crane-Qigong from Master Wei Lian. 1990 I was a founding member of Shou Zhong, the Berlin school of the AGTCM. Since then I`am teaching acupuncture and Qigong. 1992 a Qigong training with Prof. Jiao in Qigong Yangsheng followed. In my practice I combine the body-psychotherapeutic approach with acupuncture and qigong. Meanwhile numerous publications on the meridian-doctrine in relation to Qigong appeared. 2012 I founded the school SAN BAO for Qigong and Chinese Medicine, which I have been managing since then.

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