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Prof. Yuan Liu (CN)

Prof. Liu Yuan, Ph. D of Integrated Chinese and Western medicine; The director of History and Literature of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Basic Medical College of Chengdu TCM University; The first term academic successor of the national medical master Professor Guo Ziguang; A standing committee member of Famous Medical Academic Research Branch in China Association of Chinese Medicine (CACM);The committee Chairman of Chinese Medical History Document Professional Committee of Sichuan Association of Chines Medicine. Professor Liu had written 24 treatises of Chinese Medicine, and had published 44 papers on Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. He oversaw 17 issues which include national or provincial level. Meanwhile, he won Provincial Scientific Research Achievement Award. In 2017, Professor Liu was elected »the First term famous teacher« in Basic Medical College, and won the first prize of »Undergraduate classroom teaching quality award« in Chengdu TCM University. Professor Liu mainly engage in internal medicine and pediatrics of TCM treatment.

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