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Stephanie van Hulst (NL)

Licensed herbalist and acupuncturist/ Chinese Medicine, since 2004, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

2006-now: specialization endometriosis. About 80% of my clients suffer from endometriosis.Women from all over the country, including women from Germany, Belgium and Switzerland visit my practice. Focus in therapy is herbal therapy and Chinese food therapy, second opinions, treatments of side-effects of hormonal therapy including medical induced menopause.

2008: development first edition endometriosis-diet based on Chinese food therapy and contemporary foodtherapie.

2008-2014: fine tuning of diet based on experiences of hundreds of women suffering from endometriosis.

2014-2015: (E-)book endometriosis-diet in Dutch language. (not available anymore)

2017; publication of an extended book about the relationship between endometriosis/menstrual complaints and food with over 80 recipes explained according to the menstrual cycle, Chinese- and western dietetics.

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