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Prof. Dr. Wilfried Jänig (DE)

Professor emeritus of the Dept. of Physiology, University Kiel, Germany, working in the laboratory. Teaching: Main lectures in physiology in Kiel from 1973 to now (summer and winter terms; subjects autonomic nervous sys-tem, pain, autonomic nervous system & pain, neural regulation of gastrointestinal tract and pelvic organs, autonomic nervous system and emotions). Neurobiological mechanisms underlying manual/osteopathic medicine in Italy and Germany (2013-now). Current and past research interests:

Central & peripheral organization of the sympathetic nervous system; neural mechanisms of visceral pain: physiolo-gy and pathophysiology; neural mechanisms of neuropathic pain; sympathetic nervous system & pain; neuroendo-crine & neural control of inflammation and hyperalgesia; neurobiological mechanisms underlying manu-al/osteopathic medicine

Wilfried Jänig