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Marian Nielsen Joos (CH)

Marian R. Nielsen Joos finished 3,5 years of studies with the diploma in accupuncture from the Academy of Chinese Healing Arts in Switzerland by Dr. Hamid Montakab. She then established her own clinic in Ilanz, Switzerland. Her personal passion in the field of Chinese Medicine has grown over the years by running her daily clinic and gaining more and more experience. Her core interest and work lies in the patient/practicioner relationship, where a transformation can happen in a single treatment setting.

She is also very interested in the classics and wishes deeply to gain more knowledge in the field of Chinese Medicine, where health is the balance between Shen, Mind and Body. On the basis of her own personal acquaintance and contact with many international lecturers Marian R. Nielsen Joos has established a company offering courses and lectures within TCM “TCM Lectures” in Denmark.

Marian Nielsen Joos