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Connection between self-healing and Internal Neidan Daoist Medicine EN

How can these conscious methodology and subconcious spontaneous reactions provide psychological and physiological self-healing abilities?

Thursday, 26.05.2022
10:00-13:30, 15:00-18:30
  • Recording available until 01.09.
  • Classics/Philosophy
  • Qi Gong/Taiji
  • Scientific Research
  • All levels

Background (2 hours):
The ancient [Internal NeiDan Daoist Medicine] could be classified into two categories of study, namely the ‘External Daoist Medicine WaiDanShu’ & ‘Internal Daoist Medicine NeiDanShu’. The former refers to using medications like drugs, herbal remedies and other stimulating tools outside the body while the latter refers NOT to use any medications outside the body, but using the controls of thoughts or brainwaves or Mind and exercises or methodologies of the physical Body to stimulate the ‘self-healing’ abilities of psychological & physiological health problems. Although the above both kinds of medical practices have been undertaken since the dawn of time, nonetheless it would be more accountable using archaeological findings and antique literature reviews to testify their existences in remote period of time. Likewise, since fashionable misinterpretations over millenniums have led to much misunderstanding and misleading to students, therefore, the ‘Roots of the problems’ must be identified and confronted.

Learning curves: Theories
Using modern Cosmology, Archaeology, Anatomy, Medicine studies to ‘decode’ age-old Chinese medical study of ‘Internal Daoist Medicine NeiDanShu’ via ancient theories of ‘3 pairs of YinYang principle’; ‘Five Elements’ and Chinese medical Pathology; Diagnosis; Methodology practices.

The following questions have to be answered…
What is the Chinese [Qi] or energy culture? What are three treasures of the Universe [Heaven Tian, Earth Di & Human Ren] energies? What are the three treasures of Human mind & body [Jing, Qi, Shen]? Why [Internal NeiDan Daoist Medicine] or the natural ‘Dao of self-healing’ abilities of Human Mind & Body have been pushed behind the abstract worlds of superstition and spiritualism? What are the ‘Susceptibility of Cosmic-Human energy’ and ‘Interactions between Cosmic-Human energy’? How the connections can be achieved between Macrocosm and Microcosm? What are the three [DanTian] areas, which store internal natural body medicines [NeiDan]? Where do they come from? How many types of [NeiDan] are there? How to make essential diagnosis with [Five Animals Spontaneous reactions WuQin] and [Five Emotional outbursts WuZhi]?

Training curves (2 hours): Theories and demonstrations
Since [Internal NeiDan Daoist Medicine] is an ancient medical study & practices without using any external medications to stimulate the ‘self-healing’ & health promotional properties of the Human psychological & physiological health status, then, What ‘tools’ or ‘stimulations’ are used to promote the said ‘self-healing’ therapies?
What are the differences between ‘external’ & ‘internal’ trainings of the Mind & Body? How to apply the ‘Three Laws of Two Opposites YinYang principles’, which are the ‘Pre-Heaven Creation of six directions of Space & Time’; ‘Middle-Heaven formation of Two Opposites YinYang Principe’ and ‘Post-Heaven Cycles of Changes YinYang rotation’, into the trainings of Mind &Body? How can highly focus of concentration (Mind sets) or the so-called ‘static meditation’ and physical exercises (Body) or Methodologies or  ‘moving meditation’ change the status of ‘consciousness YouWei’ Something, to ‘sub-consciousness WuWei’ Nothing? Why specific Methodology GongFa can change the brain wave frequencies from ‘Beta’ to ‘Alfa, Theta & Delta’? How ‘internal’ exercises or Methodologies via the applications of [Five Essences] of the 13 Essences can untangle ‘Musculoskeletal Jing blockages’; ‘Neurological blockages Qi’ & ‘BioChemical blockages Shen’? How to ‘connect’ the ‘Heavenly Pillar semi-spinalis Erector’ with the ‘Three DanTian”? What are the ‘Macro-cosmic Path DaZhouTian and ‘Micro-cosmic Path XiaoZhouTian? Why were the 4000 years old [XingQiShu] or QiFa or QiGong and DaoYinShu or NeiGong so important in the study of [Internal NeiDan Daoist Medicine]?
How can ‘self-healing’ GongFa to be elevated to ‘self-defence’ movements QuanFa?
Clinical case studies (2 hours):
Analysis of 28 years visual & audio clinical case studies recordings on ‘Conscious Methodologies GongFa’; ’Sub-conscious Five animal Spontaneous reactions’; ‘Five Spontaneous emotional outbursts’ of [Internal NeiDan Daoist Medicine] therapies, together with Successful psychological cases of Insomnia; Drug detoxification; Depression; Speech impaired; Anger management and Physiological illnesses like Eczema; Asthma; Sciatica; Arthritis; Sports injuries will be discussed.

A 6 hours lectures to transcribe +3000 years old [Internal NeiDan Daoist Medicine] studies & therapies are physically & mentally impossible. Attendants are advised to prepare some background understandings via Face book - [Qi Ache research International]. There will be Chinese, English, Spanish, French speaking Group leaders to offer free advisory services upon enquires.


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