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Zheng Jia (症瘕) – the Treatment of Endometriosis EN

Wednesday, 12.05.2021
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Zheng Jia meaning pelvic mass in TCM including uterine fibroids, ovarian tumor, adenomyosis etc. My topic. is endometriosis.
Endometriosis is a Intractable or stubborn disease, the reasons Why it is hard to dear with will be discussed (hormone-dependent disease, no medicine can cure it until ovarian failure.).
There are two main problems caused by endometriosis: severe pain and infertility.
We only have time to talk about the first topic: severe pain due to endometriosis including dysmenorrhea, chronic pelvic pain (CPP), coital pain, lumbosacral pain, painful defecation etc. The incidence, TCM etiology and pathogenesis, clinical manifestation, mechanism of endometrial pain will be introduced briefly.
I will mainly discuss the TCM treatment of endometriosis pain including dialectical points, herbal treatment based on syndrome differentiation and divided into two stages: non-period and period stage, the latter is a very important time to nourish and activate blood, remove blood stasis and pathogenic factors in order to resolve the main problem: the severe dysmenorrhea. Besides, the external use of Chinese herbs, Chinese patent drugs, acupuncture including body acupuncture, point injection, ear acupuncture; comprehensive TCM therapy will be discussed too. For the severe and active cases such as adenomyoma, big chocolate cyst, high level of CA125, combined TCM and WM in the beginning of the treatment may be used in order to control it sooner.
If there is time, some typical case report will be introduced.
Last there is a summary. Endometriosis is a chronic disease, need long-term individualized management in order to improve patients’ quality of life (QOL). Traditional Chinese medicine has good curative effect, small side effects, suitable for long-term treatment.


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