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Introduction into the Rules of Bazi Suanming 八字算命 EN

“The Life Calculation by the Eight Characters“ Health analysis and complementary diagnostics by Bazi Suanming

Thursday, 13.05.2021
10:00-13:30, 15:00-18:30
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  • Diagnostics
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  • Scientific Research
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Bazi Suanming 八字算命, the “Life Calculation according to the Eight Characters” is an old traditional Chinese calculation method for detecting the individual qi of a person and its development during the lifetime. Bazi Suanming starts from the assumption that the flow of time is subject to a continuous change of the qualities of Qi, which is affecting the life of an individual.

If the functions of the quality changes by the progression of time are known, it is possible to calculate the development of the Qi of an individual over his/her life span. Due to the fact that climatic influences are the main factors inside the calculation of Bazi Suanming, and that its compounds include a ‘basic disposition’ reflected onto the constantly changing individual time periods of the individual ‘great life cycle,’ Bazi Suanming appears to be an early Chinese system of chrono biology and chrono psychology.

The results of the calculation can be evaluated and interpreted psychologically and applied to personality diagnosis, as well as biologically-medically and applied to the diagnosis of the function of the organ systems.

Based on the phenomenological numerology of the ten heavenly stems and twelve earthly branches, human beings are seen as a “small heaven and earth” 小天地 (xiao tiandi), wherein the balance of natural forces is urgently needed in order to create an inner climate for mental and physical health.

Over past centuries, Bazi Suanming had an intellectual environment wherein analytical concepts were developed, such as the “ten types of personalities” 十神 (shi shen) and the theory of the mental trinity of the “operative, desiring and rejecting consciousness” 用神, 喜神, 忌神 (yongshen, xishen, jishen).

Because of its theoretical structure based on Yin and Yang and the five phases, Bazi Suanming can be combined conceptually and practically with Traditional Chinese Medicine, as in the “Medicine of cyclical Qi” 運氣醫學 (yunqi yixue), and with Feng Shui. 
Since the 10th century AD, Bazi Suanming has developed into the central psychological system of Chinese culture in which overarching theories for the categorization of human personality have matured and have experienced an uninterrupted development up to this day. It prospers especially in Taiwan R.O.C. where a rich expert literature on the topic has been produced. Bazi Suanming is also frequently used in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and in every other society committed to the classical Chinese traditions. 
Because the calculations of Bazi Suanming are carried out by using the birth date of a person in relation to the Chinese calendar system 萬年曆 (wannianli), the technique is also known as “Traditional Chinese Astrology.” The Bazi Suanming expert usually assumes the position of a psychological or medical coach. 

The main applications are in the following areas:
1. Applications in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 
- Complementary medical diagnostics 
- Preventive medical diagnostics 
- Elaboration of client-centered therapeutic strategies 
2. Psychological and pedagogical applications 
- Personality analysis
- Human resources
- Career planning and life strategy
- Partnership counseling
- Crisis management
- Behavioral training
- Children’s education 

The course is an introduction to the History, Theory, and Fundamentals of Bazi Suanming, and its possible application for Chinese medical diagnostics, and coping with life experiences.
Case studies will be worked out using the birth data of participants drawn randomly by lottery. Previous knowledge of Bazi Suanming is not necessary.

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Introduction into the Rules of Bazi Suanming 八字算命

“The Life Calculation by the Eight Characters“ Health analysis and complementary diagnostics by Bazi Suanming

Dr. Manfred Kubny (DE)DE
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Tuesday, 11.05.2021
10:00-13:30, 15:00-18:30
  • Diagnostics
  • Classics/Philosophy
  • Scientific Research
  • All levels
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