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Panel of Experts on "Integrative TCM Therapy in Fertility Treatment" EN

Thursday, 13.05.2021
10:00-13:30, 15:00-18:30
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  • 10:00-11:15
    The Dawning of Sperm Awareness: The End of Man (Again)
    Dr. Michael Häberle (CH)
    Michael Häberle

    185 retrospective studies in which semen was collected over the past 40 years indicated that sperm concentration seemed to have consistently and remarkably declined in the course of a generation.
    A swiss prospective study on conscripts did confirm a decline of fertility in young male. 17% had a concentratiuon below 15 Mill/ml, 25% had less than 40% motility and 43% had less than 4% normal forms. Only 38% had a normal sperm count.
    exposure to pesticides, obesity and smoking could contribute to low sperm count.
    The decline in sperm count and quality may be related to relatively inactive, physically noncompetitive modern life.
    Low sperm counts and low motility could be a sign of bigger current or future health problems. Men with low sperm counts don’t live as long as with normal sperm count.
    The sperm panic should turn into a tool for preventive health. Young men could be convinced to take better care of their health overall to see their sperm quickly improve.

  • 11:30-13:30
    Fertility and Chromosome Pairing - Genetics of male infertility
    Dr. Michael Häberle (CH)
    Michael Häberle

    Genetic tests evaluate
    1. Chromosome defects (numerical, structural and sex chromosome defects)
    2. Gene deletions, duplications, mutations and polymorphisms
    3. Gene expression
    4. Linkage

    Normal men have 22 pairs of autosomes and 1 set of sex chromosomes (XX/XY)
    Chromosomal abnormalities are more common in infertile males (5.8%) compared to normal population (0.5%). They increase with severity of male infertility up to 14% in Azoospermia.
    The potential transmission to their offspring via ART is of concern. In this lecture you will learn the different chromosome defects, their tests, the consequences for their children and which patient should be tested.

  • 15:00-18:30
    (only live) Epigenetics & Male Infertility - Why Chinese Medicine Could Be the Game Changer
    Dr. Olivia Pojer (AT)
    Olivia Pojer

    Dieses Thema ist das Feld jüngster Forschungen um weitere Gründe männlicher Fertilitätsprobleme zu finden. Aber das Wort Epigenetik ist verwirrend und kaum jemand weiß um seine genaue Bedeutung. Deshalb werden wir uns dem Thema Epigenetik ganz intensiv widmen und so herausarbeiten warum die Chinesische Medizin eine tragende Rolle in der Behandlung haben könnte. Gerade weil epigenetische Veränderungen wichtig sind für unser Verständnis und das Finden von entsprechenden Behandlungsmöglichkeiten, besonders bei unerklärbarer männlicher Infertilität.

    That topic is one of the youngest fields of research when it comes to reasons for male infertility. But the term is a confusing one, hardly anyone knows what exactly is meant by epigenetics. We´re going to dig deeper into epigenetics and why Chinese Medicine might be an important treatment tool, as epigenetic changes are of huge importance in our understanding and finding treatment options for male infertility, especially in unexplained male infertility (UMI).

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