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Treating Emotional Trauma in Childhood EN

Treatment of short-term and long-term outcomes in post-traumatic children

Wednesday, 17.05.2023
09:00-12:30, 15:00-18:30
    Wildbad - Salon Andreae
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    Most of us undergo traumatic events at some point in our lives. If not cleared, traumatic memories that we form, may sink deep within our meridian system, and, as a consequence, influence our health, our emotional state and well-being, years after they took place.
    Frequently, the traumatic event itself takes place very early in life, or even before life begins.
    Some babies are born bearing the energetic influences of traumatic memories of their parents. This understanding has been supported by recent studies showing how traumatic experiences can be passed on genetically, from parent to child, through specific markers on the DNA. Such traumatic influences lay beyond the baby's consciousness, deeply embedded within his or her energetic system.
    The same occurs when trauma takes place during the early days or years of life. As babies and young children are unable to relate a traumatic event they have undergone, express their experience or process it emotionally, it is common that traumatic events of young age are overlooked or unnoticed by the surrounding adults, thus remaining trapped within the child's subconscious, hidden deep within the child's meridian system.
    Such traumatic experiences may range from serious life-threatening events or physical/emotional abuse to more common occurrences such as a difficult birth, parental divorce, death or disease within the family, as well as minor, seemingly trivial incidents – such as witnessing a loud argument between caregivers, or watching a scary movie on television.

    In Chinese medical terms, trauma enters the body as wind - scattering the Qi and causing instability to the earth and Shen of the child. Fear brings on coldness, as other emotions involved add their own energetic qualities. These cause blockage of qi and blood, which may lead to accumulation of heat, manifestations of rebellious qi and, with time - accumulation of phlegm which further increases the blockage.
    Eventually, the traumatic memory evolves into a deep-seated pathogenic factor, enveloped in a 'protective' layer of phlegm.

    In children, such imbalance will very likely manifest in physical illness, often involving organ systems connected with the initial traumatic experience. Common examples of such illnesses are asthma, recurrent ear infections, recurrent pneumonia or croup, recurrent episodes of pharyngitis, atopic dermatitis and others.
    When such a disease is treated by conventional medicine, its root remains untouched, so that it stays buried within, presenting as more serious illnesses or emotional disturbances later on, during puberty or adulthood.

    In the coming course, we will learn how to identify the presence of traumatic influence, through facial features and pulse examination. We will examine the pathophysiological path of trauma during childhood. Finally, we will discuss, at length, methods for healing children of their traumatic memories, using various modes of treatment such as – acupuncture, guided imagery, Bach remedies and essential oils.

    Hope to see you in my class!

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    Sieglinde Wilz (DE), Ruthild Schulze (DE)EN
      Tuesday, 16.05.2023
      09:00-12:30, 15:00-18:00 Wildbad - Salon Andreae
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