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Amir Kalay (IL)

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Amir Kalay L.Ac , M.Sc


A graduate of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Amir Kalay was licensed in California until moving to Israel.


He has studied extensively at the Chengdu University Hospital in China on several occasions, specializing in dermatology and rheumatology.


In Israel, Amir served as Director of the Chinese Herb Department at the “Medisin College” and also practiced in the Complementary Treatment Clinics at Ichilov and Tel Hashomer hospitals, accruing a wealth of clinical experience in the care and treatment of dermatological disorders and diseases.


In recent years Amir explore extracts of plants and their applications for skin diseases, including management and development of products of the company name "Kamedis" and management of project of Israeli Korean study on behalf of the Chief scientist office of Israel.

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