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Dr. Arnaud Versluys (US)

This speaker has no courses in the current year.

Director, Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine, Director, Acupuncture Associates of Oregon

Doctoral Advisor, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Board-certified Clinical Supervisor



Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, P.R. China

• Ph.D. (Doctor of Medicine/ MD) 2002-2005 Herbal Medicine- Classical Formulas

• M.Med. (Master of Medicine) 1999-2002 Herbal Medicine- Rheumatology Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, P.R. China

• B.Med. (Bachelor of Medicine) 1994-1999 General Medicine



• Clinical Research Fellow, Chengdu University of TCM, Chengdu, P.R. China 02/2001-07/2002 Immunology-Rheumatology


Professional Licenses

• 2005~present: Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (D.O.M.) (NCCAOM) USA

• 2003~ present: Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) State of Oregon, USA

• 2001~present: Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) Belgium

• 1999~ present: Medical Doctor (M.D.) P.R. China



02/2010: “Besseres Verständnis von Shen-Qi-Wan-Krankheitsmustern durch Bauchdiagnose”, Zeitschrift fur Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin, 2-2010; Bad Kötzting, Germany; 71-85.

02/2010: “Improved Understanding of Shenqi Wan Patterns through Abdominal Diagnosis”, Journal of Chinese Medicine: 92; Hove, UK; 19-30.

09/2008: “Jueyin Disease and Wumei Wan”, The Lantern: 5-3; Melbourne, Australia

09/2007: “A Funding Source for Scholarly Works in East Asian Medicine”, Thieme Almanac 2008: Research, Stuttgart (GER), New York (USA); 196-197.

09/2006: “Hierarchy of Chinese Medicine Research Methodologies”, Thieme Almanac

2007: Research, Stuttgart (GER), New York (USA); 24-25.

06/2006: “Abhandlung uber die klassischen Nadeltechniken im Kapitel Guan Zhen des Ling Shu (Teil 2)”, Zeitschrift fur Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin, 1-2006; Bad Kötzting, Germany; 105-109.

05/2006: “The Transmission Lineage of the Canonical Formulas: An Exhaustive Investigation into the Source of Zhongjing’s Formulas”, Collection of Postgraduate Dissertations, China State Library, Beijing.

04/2006: “Chinese Medicine Pathomechanism of Rheumatoid Arthritis”, Oregon Acupuncturist Association, OAA News, 12-1; Portland, OR, USA; 18-20.

03/2006: “Abhandlung uber die klassischen Nadeltechniken im Kapitel Guan Zhen des Ling Shu”, Zeitschrift fur Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin, 1-2006; Bad Kötzting, Germany; 23-26.

02/2006: ‘The Classical Energetics of the Five Tastes’, Journal of Chinese Medicine, 80; Hove, UK; 50-58.

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