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Avi Amir (IL)

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Avi Amir

Avi Amir is a Chinese and Japanese medicine and medical massage therapist who specializes in pain management and neuroacupuncture. Since Avi was a medical massage therapist before becoming an acupuncturist, Avi has acquired considerable knowledge on the human anatomy and physiology which has made him an authority on pain management in Israel.

After graduating as top of his class from the “Reidman College for Complementary and Integrative medicine” Tel-Aviv, Israel in 2005, he studied Chinese medicine at the “East-West College for Classical Chinese medicine”, Tel-Aviv, Israel and graduated in 2010. He is a former student of Dr Toshikatsu Yamamoto, the discoverer of Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture (YNSA).

Avi, together with David Bomzon, established the “Pnima Center” in 2007, the largest community clinic in Israel for Integrative Chinese medicine, which combines classical Chinese medicine and YNSA with western medicine.

Avi uses his vast experience with YNSA as well his teaching skills to enrich the skills of other therapists and health care professionals with knowledge on this unique method.

Pnima Center is the first of its kind in Israel and helps individuals in incorporate scalp acupuncture into their practice.

Avi Amir believes that YNSA is an inseparable part of his clinical paradigm and of his life. He is glad to have been given to opportunity to broaden the toolbox of other therapists and health care providers by teaching them this unique method, and by passing on his knowledge and experience,. he feels that this is the best way to ensure that a maximum number of patients can benefit from this treatment.

In 2015, David and Avi also opened the “Pnima International School of Scalp Acupuncture”. which holds live and delivers online YNSA workshops.

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