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Dr. Carlos Cobos Schlicht (DE)

Carlos Cobos Schlicht

Dr. Carlos Cobos Schlicht (born 1960) studied Sinology/Japanology, Ethnology and Comparative Religious Studies at the Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main. He did his doctorate on the historical background of the Qìgōng and is the author of the book "Die Ursprünge der chinesischen Leibmeisterung (Qìgōng)". During his study visits to Japan, Taiwan and the People's Republic of China, he studied with various masters, including those of the Daoist lineage and at the Nèiyănggōng Clinic Běidàihé. He is familiar with the yoga system of B.K.S. Iyengar. He completed his acupuncture training at ABZ-Mitte/Offenbach.

He was a sinological assistant for the Medical Society Yangsheng-Qigong e.V. Today he works as an interpreter, Qìgōng, yoga, aikido and Tàijīquán teacher. Furthermore, he devotes himself to medical and Daoist writings.

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