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Prof. Chen Wei (CN)

Chen Wei

CHEN Wei studied in Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CDUTCM) and was specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for Ph.D. She is associate Prof. of CDUTCM, member of TCM Basic Theories Specialized Committee of Sichuan TCM Association, and standing committee member of TCM Immunology Specialized Committee of Sichuan Association of Immunology. She studied with Prof. MA Youdu, one of the first batch of national prominent TCM experts, and Prof. YAN Shilin, a well-known TCM expert of Sichuan Province. She emphasizes the understanding of the spleen and stomach are the foundation of acquired constitution and the source of qi and blood production, and is specialized in treating pediatric diseases, gynecological diseases, allergic diseases, digestive and respiratory diseases by regulating the spleen and stomach. She has been teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses including Diagnostics of TCM, Basic Skills Training of Four Diagnostic Methods, and Skills Training of Four Diagnostic Methods. In classroom teaching, skills training courses and clinical teaching, she stresses on mastering the characteristics of the tongue and pulse manifestation, and the pathogenesis. She has been one of the contributing editors of Chinese Medical Encyclopedia (Diagnostics of TCM), Standards for Skills Training of Four Diagnostic Methods, Comprehensive Knowledge and Skills of Traditional Chinese Medicine and examination questions bank of TCM diagnostics at different levels.

Classes with Chen Wei


Chengdu University of TCM: The Classics in Everyday Practice

    Friday, 19.05.2023
    09:00-12:30, 15:00-18:00 Wildbad - Kleiner Villensaal
    • All levels

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    • 09:00-12:30
      Essentials of Clinical Practice for Irregular Menstruation based on Liver Storing Blood and Governing the free Flow of Qi
      Prof. Chen Wei (CN)
    • 15:00-18:00
      Clinical Application of Four Diagnostic Mechanisms and Pattern Differentiation for Liver Diseases
      Prof. Chen Wei (CN)

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