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Dr. Daniel Keown (GB)

Daniel Keown

Dr Daniel Keown has been a practicing doctor for over twenty years and an acupuncturist for the last ten of these. He has written two books on acupuncture:
- The Spark in the Machine; and
- The Uncharted Body: A New Textbook of Medicine.

Dr Keown's philosophy on health is that the body wants to be well but sometimes needs help doing this. The best form of medicine is gentle and works with the body.

He practices in Tunbridge Wells.

Classes with Daniel Keown


Six Divisions

Embryology and Physiology

Dr. Daniel Keown (GB)EN [DE]
  • Will be recorded
Tuesday, 11.05.2021
10:00-13:30, 15:00-18:30
  • Classics/Philosophy
  • Scientific Research
  • All levels
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