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Felix de Haas (NL)

Felix de Haas

Felix de Haas is transmitter of the Engaging Vitality approach to acupuncture. He studied and practices East Asian medicine for more than 35 years. His own journey has been through different aspects of East Asian Medicine with a strong focus on the classics and the surrounding body of East Asian philosophical literature and history.  With a special interest in Neidan (Internal Alchemy). He has studied and practiced over a long time different approaches to acupuncture, including different styles of Japanese acupuncture like Manaka and Toyohari and Chinese herbal medicine. The last decade he has specialized in the Engaging Vitality approach, but ultimately in the practice it is always an eclectic and individual approach. He studied with some outstanding masters like Francois Ramakers , Bob Flaws, Stephen Birch, Yanagista Sensei, Charles Chace, Dan Bensky and Volker Scheid. 

He is running two clinics in Haarlem and Voorburg in The Netherlands.
He has two clinics in the Netherlands and transmits the basic module program of Engaging Vitality as well as the intermediate modules on the Mid-space and Ignition. He also teaches postgraduate courses about the philosophical and historical aspects of Traditional East Asian Medicine. He also teaches Daoist Meditation systems like Neidan and its influence on Chinese Medicine. 

Classes with Felix de Haas


Engaging Vitality

Palpation tools for diagnosis and feedback in treatment

Felix de Haas (NL)Felix de Haas (NL), Ferdinand Beck (DE)Ferdinand Beck (DE)EN
    Saturday, 11.05.2024
    09:30-12:30, 14:00-17:00 Mehrzweckhalle room 1
    • All levels
    • Hands-on with practical exercises

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