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Prof. Dr. Friedrich Wallner (AT)

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Friedrich Wallner

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Wallner, born in 1945 in Austria, University Professor for Philosophy and Philosophy of Science at the University of Vienna since 1987 (studied Philosophy, Psychology, Education, German and Classic Literature). His areas of expertise include the Vienna Circle, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Karl Popper, Epistemology and Philosophy of Science of Classical Chinese Medicine and Psychotherapy as well as Intercultural Philosophy. He developed a new Philosophy of Science: Constructive Realism.
More specifically, his research intensively concentrates on structural-analytical studies of TCM and other local and indigenous systems of knowledge. Against the background of the cultural dependency of science, Wallner is intensively working on the argumentative structure of TCM with the aim to provide the scientific fundament for the research of TCM as well as to refine the scientific research on the basis of theoretical concepts of Philosophy of Science.
Friedrich Wallner was visiting professor and guest lecturer all over Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Latin America, USA and Canada. He has published over 200 scientific essays, about 20 monographs and edited about 40 collected volumes. He is holder of the „Austrian Cross of Honor, First Class, for Science and Art”.

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