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Prof. Dr. Jianyun Jiang (CN)

This speaker has no courses in the current year.

Jiang Jianyun, female, born in Mar.,1954,


graduated from Chengdu University of TCM in 1977 and has worked in the Teacing Hospital for over 30 years.


She took part in many advanced progams and got Master Degree.


Now she is a professor in Internal Medicine Department, teacher of Master Degree students.


She was entitled an excellent doctor of Sichuan Province in 2003 and she is a standing-member of Sichuan Society of Rehabilitation.


She is expert in treating various difficult cases, especially, in treating the lung system problems.


Her guiding thinking is: Taking over ancient classics and masters' doings; learning and absorbing from all medical schools, pondering traces in practice; submissively following pathogenesis, and to get yin/yang in harmony.

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