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Jin-Sook Schnell-Jacob (DE)

Jin-Sook Schnell-Jacob

Jin-Sook Schnell-Jacob was born in South Korea into a family that has included doctors of traditional Chinese medicine for generations. After completing her nursing degree at the Nursing Department of Masan University, she worked for about a year in the intensive care unit of the Seoul National University Children Hospital.
In 1972, Ms Schnell-Jacob came to Munich at the invitation of the Bavarian Red Cross Sisterhood and worked in various clinics, most recently for eight years at the Munich Heart Centre. She then obtained her TCM diploma at the "Institute for Scientific Modern Acupuncture Studies" (Hyundai Chimkuhak Yoenkuhoe) in Seoul under Prof Kim Nam-Soeb and Lee Byung-Guk. In addition, she completed several study visits to Korea to attend specialist training courses in TCM and Korean hand acupuncture with Prof Yu Tae-Woo.
Mrs Schnell-Jacob has been running her own naturopathic practice specialising in traditional Chinese medicine since 1985. In addition to her practice, she was a lecturer in TCM training for 30 years, 10 years at each of three different naturopathic schools in Munich. She has also taught specialist courses both privately and at various schools, including ear acupuncture, Korean hand acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture and a Tuina-Anma seminar.
Mrs Schnell-Jacob is an author and trainer for "Systemic Energetic Spine and Joint Therapy (SEWIG)", which she has developed over 35 years through her own practical experience.
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